It’s time to start thinking in circles.

When you think in circles, you’re on a journey of constant improvement where the transformation of your brand offering, supply chain, governance and market position help create positive change in the world. We believe in circular thinking.

We work with you to bring your brands' historical successes forward and integrate them with new thinking, strategies, and planning to drive steady transformation at your core.We help you transform your supply chain, your Board of Directors or your product and services, creating a business model that serves today’s world

It's a brave renewal world.


Brand Creation

You are launching a new business, buying one, or your brand is not competitive in the market you want to play in. You need a new brand to be conceived for the current marketplace, with a kind core and a strong foundation.

Brand Renewal

Your brand is losing its mojo. Success is starting to fade and you are seeing customers gravitate toward the competition. You are missing out on key conversations around sustainability and feel your offering is ‘not up to scratch’.

Brand Upscaling

Your brand is doing great or almost great, your kind core and brand success is growing but your playground is starting to feel small. You dream of going places, to new markets and new offerings. Or perhaps it's simply time to sell the brand on.

How we do it in three steps

Bring forward past successes

Integrate new thinking into the core of your brand

Recalibrate as needed, measure, and re-integrate